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Montessori Daycare Near Me

‘Montessori Daycare Near Me’ in Fair Oaks, CA

Country Hill Montessori in Fair Oaks, CA is a great choice if you're looking for a ‘Montessori daycare near me’. Our facility offers a safe, secure environment for children to learn and grow. Our educational program focuses on providing an enriched learning experience that encourages creativity, exploration and independence. Children are encouraged to explore their world through materials designed to help them develop their intellectual, social and physical skills at their own pace. 


The staff at Country Hill Montessori are experienced professionals who understand the Montessori approach. They provide an engaging environment where children can learn effectively while having fun. The curriculum follows principles of self-directed learning, with an emphasis on developing the whole child. The materials and activities are individually tailored to suit each child's needs and interests. 


Country Hill Montessori also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities that support academic learning such as music, art and outdoor play. We also provide special nutrition for children with sensitivities or allergies. Parents can be assured that their children will be safe and well cared for in a nurturing environment at Country Hill Montessori in Fair Oaks, CA.  Whether you're looking for ‘Montessori daycare near me’ or just want your child to have a Montessori experience, Country Hill Montessori is an excellent choice!


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