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Kindergarten & Lower Elementary
(Now Enrolling for Summer and Fall 2024/25)

Undecided about where your child should go for Kindergarten or Lower Elementary (1st through 2nd)?  Have your child continue at Country Hill Montessori's Fair Oaks campus. Our program will provide your child with a solid educational foundation.  He or she will benefit from:  


  • Advanced Academic Program

  • Individualized Learning

  • Familiarity with our staff

  • Low student-teacher ratio 

  • Comfortable environment


Continuing with Montessori education at least through kindergarten will provide your child a huge academic advantage. 


Studies of Montessori effectiveness have shown that Montessori children rate significantly superior on interest in learning, independence, interpersonal relations, leadership and learning ability. One important difference between what Montessori offers kindergartners and what is offered by many of today's public programs has to do with how it helps the young child “Learn how to learn.” In a day and age when many schools are ‘teaching to the test,’ many schools have fallen into a pattern of giving kids exercises and drills that result in their getting answers on tests that look like understanding. Montessori is focused on teaching for understanding. Montessori children tend to never lose their enthusiasm.  If nurturing your children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination are of greater concern to you than test scores in their own right, then take a good look at your school’s elementary program.


Research provides clear evidence that Montessori students outperform students in traditional academic programs. The Montessori materials give the child concrete sensorial impression of abstract concepts, such as language development and long division, that become the foundation for a lifetime of understanding.


Think about the kind of person your child would like to be like when he gets older. Our environment will help him reach his or her full potential.

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