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About our Mission, Schools, Goals, and about our Montessori Education!

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  We are now Enrolling!!!

Every child deserves the best in life. Including a great education! Here at Country Hill Montessori your child will find everything they will need for that strong educational beginning!                                    



Country Hill Montessori provides:

  • Toddler Program

  • Preschool & Pre-K Program

  • Kindergarten & Lower Elementary Classes

  • Before & After School Program

  • Low Student - to- teacher Ratio 


Including activities in:                          


  • Music

  • Foreign Language

  • Creative Art

  • Gardening

  • Physical Education (including yoga)

  • In-House Field Trips

  • And Much More!


Including 8 areas of the Classroom:

  • Practical Life

  • Art

  • Sensorial

  • Zoology

  • Botany

  • Geography

  • Math

  • Language                                      


Enrollment Information 

We are now accepting applications for our Summer and 2024/2025 Fall programs.  


We are a year-round school that offers our Montessori program to the children during the summer months as well as throughout the regular school year.  We have an educational curriculum set up for all of our programs, including one for the elementary school children.  


If you are looking for an educational based environment for your child during the summer months, consider us!

Our Summer Elementary Program takes into account the differing needs of children ranging from five to twelve years of age.  We plan lessons and activities to support the interest of each child, whether its art, quiet reading, organized games, cooking or science.  In addition to the aforementioned, our Summer Program offers:


*  small class sizes

*  safe, nurturing environment

* review and progression of math & language skills

(we will continue with their education so they don't "forget" during the summer break)

* outdoor recreation and fun.


Pesticide USE

In accordance with the Health Schools Act, this post serves as notification that Country Hill Montessori uses a monthly pesticide service for abatement of pests including, but not limited to rats, black widows, spiders and roaches.  Service is provided through Official Pest Prevention.  For information about pesticides used or their application process, contact Official Pest Prevention at 686-7960 or Tanya Byrd, Director, Country Hill Montessori at 969-2929.

“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.”                                                        

                                                                                   - Maria Montessori

Citrus Heights Campus:                         Fair Oaks  Campus:

7048 Sunrise Blvd                                                   6131 Kenneth Ave

Citrus Heights CA 95610                                     Fair Oaks CA 95628

We proudly service the greater Sacramento community at our Fair Oaks and Citrus Heights Campuses. Come on by and see what we're all about!

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